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Otoplastic laboratory
The production of individual earmolds and ITE hearing aids in our own laboratory
We are responsible for high quality production in our own laboratory

Own laboratory of otoplastics

Own laboratory of otoplastics in Vilnius was opened in June 2018. From this time we produce ITE hearing aids, individual earmolds for hearing aids, earmolds for hunters or musicians, individual swim plugs. Earmold - it is an individual product, which connects hearing aid's audio output channel with outer ear canal. Earmolds are recommended to use, because they produce by ear shape and completely match human's anatomical ear canal shape. In addition, earmold has advantage in better hearing aid gain transmission directly to ear canal. Besides, it helps to correctly insert hearing aid to the ear and avoid whistle.

Also, we provide all kind of services located in one place: hearing aids repairement and cleaning. If we do not have needed part of hearing aid, we can offer alternate hearing aid until we receive needed part for hearing aid repair.

We are responsible for high quality production in our own laboratory, most importantly, we shorten individual hearing aid production time - our Clients can enjoy better hearing faster.


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