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OPERA hearing centers. All hearing rehabilitation services in one place.

Hearing assesment to diagnose the level of your hearing loss

Only a professional hearing test performed by a qualified hearing specialist will indicate the degree and type of your hearing loss. All OPERA hearing  specialists have completed biomedical sciences. Therefore, they perfectly adapt the technology and human anatomy knowledge to hearing rehabilitation.

Individually adapted hearing aids

Only a hearing  prosthesis specialist can ensure the proper functioning of the hearing aid. Our specialists will select the devices according to the level and type of Client’s hearing impairment, individual needs, lifestyle and financial possibilities.

FREE trial program for hearing aids

Our Flex: trial program allows you to try hearing aids in your everyday life for free. You are invited to try today’s most advanced hearing aids with no commitment or risk. Take home Flex:trial hearing aids to try in your life for 2 weeks free of charge. Take home our hearing aids before you commit to buying!

The production of individual earmolds and ITE hearing aids in our own laboratory

In our own laboratory we produce in the ear hearing aids for those who want to be discreet about their hearing loss. They are so small that it is practically invisible when inserted into the ear. So is great solution for those people who want to hear, feel comfortable and confident wearing hearing aid every day. In addition, we produce hard and soft individual earmolds according to the anatomical shape of the ear.

Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

We provide the warranty and post-warranty service and repair services for our hearing aids. We repair any hearing aid at technical service center in Vilnius. If we do not have the necessary details in office, during the repair period we can offer replacement hearing aid to the Customer.

Ancillary services for your convenience

We take care of our Customers, so we offer ancillary services, that will make your trip to the sounds of the world even more enjoyable.

You will get more detailed information during Your visit at our hearing specialist.
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