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About us
We care the way You hear
OPERA hearing specialists are always ready to help You

Professional and experienced bio-engineers are in charge of OPERA customer care. Patients are welcomed at smoothing, relaxing, specially designed environment.

Our mission

Our mission is to give people the opportunity to hear and listen again and enjoy life to the full. We are always alongside in Your way to a good hearing.

Our values

A Person. Everything we do is with the purpose to help You to enjoy the world of sounds and the pleasure of communication. Each case is unique thus we offer individual hearing aid solutions that fit Your lifestyle, needs and possibilities.

Expertise. Expertise and high quality throughout all Your hearing rehabilitation. 

Education. For us, it is important that people know and understand the significance of hearing rehabilitation. Hearing impairment should not be ignored, and the timely assistance can help to prevent many of the related future problems. 

Why we?

  • Exclusive personal attention to each and every Client and his situation
  • Experienced hearing specialists and professional consultations
  • All hearing rehabilitation services located in one place
  • Access to the compensation provided by the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF)
  • Our Flex:trial program allows You to try hearing aids in Your everyday life for free
  • Own otoplastics laboratory 
  • The opportunity to pay in installments for hearing aid You want to buy
  • House call (service for persons with mobility disabilities)
  • For your convenience, our hearing centers are located in the largest cities of Lithuania: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Marijampolė, Panevėžys, Alytus, Prienai and Visaginas.

We are pleased to welcome You!

You will get more detailed information during Your visit at our hearing specialist.
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